Automatic Driving Instructor In Warwick

If you are looking for an automatic driving instructor in Warwick then is your ideal choice.


My mission is to offer high-quality driving lessons in a comfortable, friendly and safe environment. My students drive a new Toyota Auris Hybrid fully automatic car, which is not only an excellent car to drive but is also low in emissions.


Learning an automatic car is easier to learn than a manual car, and it means that in the long run you take fewer lessons, save more money and you are on the road a lot quicker! With an automatic car, there is no confusion of gears and a clutch pedal – the car selects the right gear itself which in turn means no stalling! This leaves you in control of the car and lets you focus on observations, which makes driving a lot easier. I am an experienced automatic driving instructor that will teach you every step of the way, from a complete beginner to test standard.

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